Cape Fear Escape Room 


Al Capone's personal speakeasy has been locked for decades, protected by a clever security system that has yet to be breached.  Breaking into his hideaway has stumped historians and treasure hunters since his death, fueled by rumors that Capone left a fortune inside.  

Difficulty: Hard. Children and teens must be accompanied by an adult.

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Time Traveler

Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity says that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, which makes time travel impossible. Or so you thought?! Hop in our time machine to find out the fate of a young couple, forbidden by their families to marry.  You have 60 minutes to solve mind-boggling puzzles, brain twisters, quagmires, and riddles to find out what happened to the couple and to make things right. Even Einstein would have trouble escaping this vortex.

Difficulty:  Medium to Hard. Perfect for first-time players. 

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