Cape Fear Escape Room 


Al Capone's personal speakeasy has been locked for decades, protected by a clever security system that has yet to be breached.  Breaking into his hideaway has stumped historians and treasure hunters since his death, fueled by rumors that Capone left a fortune inside.  

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Deciphering Da Vinci (NEW! Opens Oct. 14, 2017)

When Leonardo da Vinci died in 1519, he left behind a portfolio of inventions, paintings, journal musings, and perplexing mysteries. Since then, dedicated, clandestine teams of elite academics have fought to protect his work while discovering and deciphering new clues. You and your team have been tapped to continue their work. Only those who can finish the final, perplexing clue - one that has baffled most of the world's greatest minds - will be deemed worthy to guard his legacy. You have just 60 minutes. 

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